Reiki Training Immersion

Reiki Immersion Training for Health, Healing and Personal Growth

Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese Healing Art that utilizes the Universal Life Force Energy. This life force energy is in all living things and can channeled and directed for health, healing and personal transformation. In Yoga we call it Prana, in Chinese Healing Traditions it’s called Chi. It’s a living prayer.

A four month program that will take you through the history of Usui Reiki, the Subtle Body System, Chakras, Shamanic practice, Jungian insights and practical holistic health applications including, nutrition, healthy habits, movement, meditation, mantra, affirmations, journaling, dream symbolism and entrainment (repatterining)

Feb 12 2-5pm

March 12 2-5pm

April 19 2-5pm

May 21 2-5pm

This Training has limited openings.
If you cannot participate in person and are interested an online format will be available soon. Please inquire.

Tuition $1200
payment plans available.

Contact us for Application

Cassandra Bellarei is a natural born healer and teacher. A trained Holistic Health Coach and Reiki Master-Teacher. A seer since birth. A near death experience as an infant and teens. A survivor of sexual trauma and abuse. She healed herself from a mass in her breast and high risk HPV/Cervical Cancer. She was introduced to Reiki and trained by her grandfather and mother and later went to study with other contemporary healers and shamans across the globe. She has also been a student of Panditji in the Living Tantra Himalayan Tradition. Cassandra is intuitively connected to ancient wisdom teachings and traditions and has a deep connection to Egypt. Her passion is to bring this energy forth to support people on their path. She has been called a modern medicine woman and believes in everyone’s inherent ability to heal.

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