July: Energies for Health

If you are into astrology like I am you are going to dig this. If you are astro-curious, grab and cup of tea and dig into to the healthy dish I am serving up.

In holistic health we weave everything together – mind, body, spirit, cosmos.

We have just entered the season of Cancer. It’s spirit animal is the Crab. This is great for Marylanders, because we love our crabs, however, I am going to go a bit deeper than your crab pots and we are definitely going to get under that hard shell.

We need to get in touch with nature and the energies of the season. If we look to astrology as a guide it can help us with how to hone into the aspects of our lives that may need some attention and loving care. This isn’t about a generalized or personalized horoscope. This is about understanding what season we are in energetically and how to use this to our advantage for our health and happiness.

Cancer’s home is in the fourth house on the astrological wheel.  My grandmother used to teach me about this. Now, I want to put some practical perspective to what seems out there — is really right here in our own homes, our own minds and our own bodies.  Let’s connect the dots, shall we?

The Fourth House has to do with Home and Family. Cancer is a water sign that is connected to the Moon, which relates to more of a feminine energy.  How does this relate to your health? Well, our health and well being begins at home. First at home with ourselves and then our external environment, relatives and those we call family.

Believe it or not, everyone holds masculine and feminine energies within them, regardless if you are male or female. Some males lean more feminine and some females, lean more masculine and vice versa. The key to to get to know both of these energies and aspects of yourself. Cancer season is about getting in touch with more of your feminine aspects and qualities. This may be challenging for those with a hard shell. Stubborn are you?

Someone pass me a hammer. Just kidding.

From now until July 22, 2020 I will suggest the following to support your health and well being.

  • Bring in the water element into your life
    • Take purifying baths
    • Hike to a waterfall
    • Swim in the ocean, river or lake
    • Drink Spring water or favorite herbal tea
  • Maternal Line
    • Many people carry a “mother wound” This is a good time to heal and reconcile that. If this is a touchy subject, message me.
    • Look into Ancestral Healing of the Mother Line.
  • Focus on Self Care
    • What do you need to do to nurture yourself?
    • Where are you feeling hard or constricted?
      • Soften, Breathe, Open
    • Create a list and schedule your Self Care
    • Journal how you feel.
  • Emotional Intelligence
    • Keep note of how you are feeling.
    • Keep track of Triggers – these are patterns to heal
    • Practice the Pause.
    • Learn to be Responsive verses Reactive.
  • Gentleness/Patience/Compassion
    • Practice gentleness. This comes with the virtue of Patience.
    • Be Patient/Gentle with your self and others.
      • We are all dealing and working through the murky waters of our own “Stuff”
    • Cultivate Compassion for yourself and others
  • Intuition
    • Tune in and Trust.
  • Home/Family
    • Does your home environment feel feminine or masculine?
    • Too much Yin or Yang?
    • Bring some feminine/yin energy into the home
    • What needs to be healed in our home and family circles?
  • Moonbeams
    • As I say to my kids before bed, “Sweet Dreams and Moonbeams”
    • Look up and notice the mystery of the Moon
    • Full Moon is July 4th!
      • Feel your feminine nature and be free

Let’s get cracking and open that shell, get into the feeling waters and flow. When we work with the energies of the season, they can support our health, healing and personal growth.

Do you want support with anyone of this?

Contact me for a holistic health consultation.





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